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Replacing Multiple Teeth at Once

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Both full and partial dentures in Fort Worth are removable dental appliances that can restore your smile and teeth function after losing one or more teeth by an accident or dental extraction. These devices are recommended when you lose one or several teeth to ensure that you can eat normally and improve the appearance of missing teeth.

Full dentures can be made of various materials that include acrylic, porcelain, nylon, and metal, but most dentures at Bonds Ranch Family Dentistry are made of acrylic frames and acrylic and resin teeth. Porcelain teeth are more expensive and don’t last as long as acrylic. Partial dentures, also called plates, use the same acrylic and resin, but they usually have metal wires that anchor the plate to existing teeth for a better fit.

Choosing the Right Denture for Your Needs

Your dentist will recommend a denture based on your needs. At Bonds Ranch Family Dentistry, we might recommend pulling one or more extra teeth when the teeth are cavity-ridden or have infected dental pulp.

Usually, we always try to save any teeth as a strong anchor for a partial plate, but if it appears likely that you’ll lose the remaining teeth soon, the dentist might recommend pulling the teeth and making a full denture. Full dentures last longer than partial plates, which are structurally weaker.

You might need an upper or lower plate or both, but a partial plate is recommended if you’re missing one or more teeth with relatively healthy remaining teeth. The dentist will repair any existing cavities by filling them. If you’re only missing a few teeth, dental implants are a possibility.

Fabrication of Your Denture

Your dentist will follow these steps to fabricate a custom denture:

  • The first step involves taking an impression of your mouth, both upper and lower parts, so that a plaster model of your mouth can be created. They may take additional measurements of your jaw to ensure a better fit. Both lower and upper impressions are needed to ensure that the teeth match up as you normally chew.
  • The second step is creating the plaster models of your plate, which is attached to an articulator that replicates the jaw. Wax teeth are fabricated and inserted appropriately in the gum line. The model dentures will be fitted into your mouth, and it may take several adjustments to get an accurate fit.
  • The third step is the final fabrication of your denture using acrylic and resin or porcelain for the teeth. The finished denture is fitted for accuracy.
  • The final step is making any needed adjustments to the fit of the denture.

Scheduling a Consultation for Dentures

If you need to extract one or more teeth, it might be necessary to have this work done first before fabricating a denture. However, there is an alternative, called instant dentures, that fabricates a temporary denture until your mouth has healed sufficiently for measurements to be accurate. The temporary dentures might not fit very well, but most people find a little discomfort preferable to not having any teeth while waiting for the gums to heal.

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